"The Windy"


The windy is the smooth and sturdy, eco-friendly solution to plastic pollution, out-performing paper, PLA, metal, glass and other natural substitutes.


Cultivated from natural growing tropical reed, the same plant used in wood-wind instruments such as the saxophone, it is even more durable then its cousin the Sedgy, and superb for hot, cold and alcoholic drinks, and is reusable*.


It comes in different widths and lenghts: shorter thin ones for sipping cocktails and children's drinks, longer thicker ones for smoothies and bubble tea. 


From coffee stirrers, to tapioca, even tiny home-made flutes, this tiny giant is perfect for every occasion.


We are sure it will be as prolific a straw as it is a plant. Behold the future between your lips. 


*Cleaning and maintance is required.


The Tropical Reed "Windy" Straw

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Usage: Use like any straw, but with a clear conscience. Try not to bite.

    Storage: For maximum longevity, store at moderate temperature, in a dry place away from the sun.

    Length: 160~200mm

    Diameter: 5~20mm

    Best before: 36 months from production date

    (For special needs we can cut to desired length upon request.)


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